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Premium Products

Bheemaa provides finest products with great quality.

Excellent Engineering

Practical and productice solutions on time.

Best Customer Service

Establish close relationship and provide best class services  to customer.

PEB Benefits

Reduction in Project cost

Cost savings primarily result from time savings on the Project. This also results in the earlier realization of revenue to the owner on a commercial project.

Quick Construction Time

About 30-50% timesaving in total project schedule due to fast delivery and quick site installtion.

Low Maintenance

High-quality paint systems are available for steel and cladding to be provided along with maintenance-free service life.

Flexibility in Expansion

Buildings can be designed for future expansion in length, width, and height.


At Bheemaa Infra Solutions Pvt. Ltd, (BISPL) we are having with a strong experience in construction blended with stringent minds for process orientation, partnering with us will be a win-win situation by contributing to ever- increasing global green infrastructure growth.

What makes us unique is, we can deliver on time, each time in this conglomerate industry by applying KANBAN and 5-WHY methafology into every step of metal fabrication, delivery and execution.

Our care for environment, responsibility towards customer, intelligence enough to handle resilient issues and integrity of our people represents BHEEMAA logo.

GREEN represents nature, growth, and harmony. BLUE is a sense and calming colour that represents intelligence, responsibility, and trust.

Our vision is to be a respected world-class steel design and fabrication organisation known for quality, reliability, timely completion and a safe working environment.

Our mission is to ensure sense of belongingness & stability to our employees, and the cost savings designs for customers – thus making purchases economical for customers and ensuring a win-win deal.

Our expert team is ready to help you and provide you with the best infra solutions.

Executive Team

Our executive team consists of highly experienced professionals in the relevant field. The executive team has its goals set to provide you with the best infrastructure solutions that will help you in building your dream construction. The team is well-versed with modern methodologies and bring in the required experience.

Vishnuvardhan Ch

IT and Process Management

To Pursue of creating employment and motto of living and let-live, he started a construction company in 2017. This enabled his passion and vision to be more observant for the erupting issues in conglomerate PEB Industry and his cognizant of how to solve them with process-oriented experience from a world-class company. As an MD he is bringing his knowledge of well-versed methodologies and the experience of technical operations into BISPL to guide us towards our Mission without compromising our values.

Vishnuvardhan Ch

IT and Process Management

Holding Bachelors certificate in computer sciences from OU and working in the IT Industry for more over 12 years, Vishnu gained commendable experience over IT and its related Process. His experience comes from the most process-oriented industry like GE and Toyota. This enables Vishnu with an ability to articulate any and each requirement of the customer to a detailed oriented method, that will always have a greater probability of success.

Harshvardhan Ch

Production and Plant operations

Graduated as Electronics and Communication Engineer, Procured General Management Certification from IIM-Kozhikode. Harsha is a complete amalgamation of technical and management skills. Been in customer services and managing people for more than 10 years and passionate about customer satisfaction. Harsha is bringing an exemplary value to the company in terms of maintaining KANBAN and 5 WHY policies, which will lead to the fulfilment of company vision.

Basaveswara Rao M

Liaising and Cost Management

With an experience over 25+ years of Civil and Infrastructure work experience across India. He is part of the national telecommunications sector growth by contributing to their infrastructure. He is well experienced in the infra projects of Oil and Gas, Telecommunication, Roads, Buildings and list goes on.

Kumar Raja Ch

Senior Structural Analyst

Graduated in Civil Engineering in JNTUK. Kumar is bringing his diversified global experience of 15 years and knowledge as a lead technical consultant for a variety of Infrastructure-related projects. His presence in the company will strengthen the technical capabilities of our team, which already strong enough to execute customer requirements. Kumar experience and well-versed in structural design software's like TEKLA, STAAD PRO and AutoCAD, which enables us to be able to provide the design with the most complicated structures around the world.

Srinivas Rao G

Sales and Marketing

With an experience of more than 15 years in sales and marketing from PEB industry across length and breadth of India, his impregnable relations among public and private sector make him stand out from the crowd. In this current competing world Srinivas communication skills and approachability for the customer is un-matched.

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